You spent a lot of money to purchase and setup your server. You don’t have any problems so why replace it? That’s a very logical question. Servers come with a standard 3 year warranty which covers any hardware issues, both for labor and parts depending on the details of the warranty. You


WannaCry ransomware is a serious problem which has infected 10’s of thousands of computers and caused a lot of serious damage to services. For example WannaCry infected NHS Trusts across the UK which caused major problems all the way to forcing infected hospitals to divert ambulances to other hospitals. Ransomware in


Your data is your livelihood and that’s why you need to keep it secure and backed up. There are many ways you can back up your data and servers; you can backup to a USB drive, network attached storage (NAS) or to the cloud but is only one of them

Yes, you can manage your own network, but do you really want to? You manage your company’s finances, marketing, HR, payroll, shall I go on? Delegate IT support to a professional Managed IT Services company. CompuFix can help with your IT. Managed IT Services revolve around uptime and service